So Tragedy Girls is a thing.

I actually liked it! A LOT of people seemed to recommended it after the shit show known as Heathers 2017 and I figured since it graced the presence of Hulu that I watched it for a bit. Admittedly I watched the trailers so I knew what I was getting into from the get go, but what really had me going for it though was the plot: two high school kids using an actual fucking serial killer as homocidal clout for their true crime twitter, and they actually get away with it.

Normally modern settings in horror films present a whop or flop for me, mostly due to the writers not knowing how to take advantage of a film set in an implied 21st century era. Tragedy Girls though hit all the right """millenial""" cool hip kid buttons, from the actually believable teenage characters to its subtlties at old school high school arctypes (Sadie and Makayla being a kind of hellish combination between prep/goth/ocassional geek) and its fair share of over-the-top gore and downright "what the fuck" moments mixed with satirical jabs and loads of dark comedy. It definitely deserves another watch from me and a fresh viewing for anyone who still hasn't watched it yet.