I actually remember when this movie was rolling trailers left and right in 2016. I took one look at it and rolled all three of my eyes and went "oh wow,,, Another Haunted Doll Movie ohmaigoooooood,,,,"

So it was curious to me that over two years later I stumbled upon it again on my binge of watching totally not torrented movies on youtube movie spam channels. Sadly, the horror of it all was spoiled by yours truly (I wasn't emotionally attached to the movie's plot, yeah?) but I still watched for the existential "why" that all horror and thriller films are willing to answer for the viewer on the edge of their seats (or beds,,). And what surprised me about it was that it actually wasn't all that bad. Sorta.

For those just comin in, the easiest way to explain this movie's plot is as follows: imagine Maggie from The Walking Dead with an oddly German name (because we know a ton of Gretas' in Montana) playing house with some old rich white british couple's dead doll son, only that's not their son because their real son is jerking it to Maggie putting this ugly pale ass doll representing his "dead" self to sleep every night and waking him up and dressing him and you get the point here.

I was actually a little surprised at how the movie makes a whiplash worthy 180 from "shitty haunted doll film" to "scooby doo chase around this bigass 19th century mansion" because while most people call it unnecessary, upon watching it a second (or 8th time if you're me,,,) the clues were right there smack dab in the fucking face of Greta and the viewers. "Speak in a loud, clear voice"? "Never throw anything out"? Mr. Heelshire literally told this woman that their son is "very much with us" and they awkwardly exchange goodbyes in the form of "I'm sorry"s and if that isn't a direct paralell to how most parents feel when leaving a poor soul to babysit their behemoth demon of a 35 year old minor (just without the suicide and treating the woman you pay a shit load of pounds to presumably doll sit a porcelain foot like property because ew) then I don't know what is.

Though the movie had issues (it really takes the cake in being the biggest slow burn horror turned thriller holy fuck), as a low key indie summer film it holds its weight in terms of plot, atmosphere, and also making me throw popcorn at the tv when Greta acts like a stereotypical white girl in an obviously cursed location. As the brits put it, "jolly good show".

Oh and p.s. the soundtrack by Bear McCreary is actually pretty good.

oh and p.s.s: